U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

Business Services

The U.S.-China Institute at Bryant aims to leverage it's cross-cultural expertise in U.S.-China relations to forge meaningful relationships and develop crucial skills for both domestic and Chinese businesses. Through our initiatives in trade missions, academic resources, networking events, and translation services, we aspire to create higher efficiency for businesses through improved integration.

  • Trade Mission to China : Through identifying potential opportunities in the U.S.-China trade environment, we selectively arrange custom tailored trade missions to China for local businesses to improve their cultural understanding and expand their professional network.
  • Translation Services : Through applying translation services to websites, brochures, or other related media, we provide clients an authentic culturally informed translation to achieve the highest possible level of localization. We consider projects English to Chinese or Chinese to English dependent upon your needs.
  • Academic Business Programs : As globalization increases the demand for a well-educated and culturally diverse workforce, opportunities for international internships and academic summits are growing in value. We provide resources and networking for Chinese or U.S. students to study on an international scale.

Additional Resources for U.S.-China news and current events.