U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

Chinese Film Festival Screenings in Spring 2008

Live in a Dilemma

A small town in China has a 20 year history of dismantling and decomposing metal scraps. More than 50,000 migrant workers are the driving force of the industry. They make more in one month than they could make in their entire lifetime working in their hometown. But the hazardous work has taken a heavy toll on them. This short documentary is part of the Earth Day Conference featuring "China and Environment " at Bryant University, 2pm to 5pm, Bryant Center South Dining Room.

Booming Town Beijing

China will host its first Olympic Games this summer in Beijing. This timely documentary explores a number of questions: What are the different views of the Chinese people about the Olympics? How will they prepare to welcome the Olympic Games? And what impacts will the Olympics have on the Chinese people?

Lady Confucius

Kong Linghe, also known as Anita Kong, is a direct decedent of Confucius and has been living in the U.S. for years. Lady Confucius helps viewers understand the thoughts and feelings of a direct decedent of "a king without a crown." This documentary not only illustrates ancient traditions that still exist in present time, but also the fame and glory that Confucius had left for his family lineage.