U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

Community Language Classes for Fall 2015


 Chinese For Adults--Beginning

The class is designed for the general public who are interested in learning Chinese and those who are currently undertaking or pursuing a China-related career. The class focuses on practical conversational Chinese while assisting the students in building a solid foundation for long-term language learning. Comprehensive knowledge of China’s history, culture and economy will also be introduced through authentic Chinese movie screening. No prior Chinese language experience is required.

More class information will be available soon...

Chinese for Young Learners--Beginning

The class is intended to introduce the students of Pre-K to Grade 10 to basic Chinese reading, writing and conversational skills. The class will apply situational learning, group activities, and role playing to equip the students will language and cultural skills to deal with the commly countered situation. Chinese cultural knowledge will also be introduced and discussed. No prior Chinese learning experience is required

More class information will be available soon...

"One-on-One" Chinese Private Tutoring

This one-hour tutoring session can be customized based on student's proficiency level, learning goal and interest areas. Tutors are Bryant Chinese students, native Mandarin speakers with excellent  oral English capability.

Date: Individually schedule with tutor
Cost: $250 for 10 classes (including cultural supplies) 
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For class registration or further information, please contact Ms. Kun Xie at 401 232 6883, or kxie@bryant.edu.