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North Attleboro High School - 
A Chinese New Year Celebration

Monday, February 7, 2011 - North Attleboro, MA-    On Monday, February 7th, the North Attleboro High School (NAHS) Theater in North Attleboro, Massachusetts became a stage and bridge between the East and the West. The North Attleboro High School Mandarin Chinese language class with the CUG Troupe from Wuhan, China, presented a “Chinese New Year Celebration”.  More than 1,000 people from the North Attleboro, MA area attended the event and joined the celebration.

The celebration started with the principal of the North Attleboro High School and Director of the CC at NAHS, Mr. Scott Holcomb, giving an enjoyable and humorous welcome speech. He introduced CUG Group from Wuhan, China, the people of the Confucius Institute at Bryant University, and the NAHS Confucius Classroom Chinese language class to the audience. He hoped that the Year of the Rabbit would bring peace and happiness to both countries and their peoples. Following the audience’s friendly laughter, accompanied by Bryant University Confucius Institute Director Dr. Hong Yang, who served as an interpreter, the head of the Chinese University of Geosciences Dance Troupe delegation Mr. Hao Xiang gave thanks and appreciation to North Attleboro High School. He had high praise for the high school’s teaching facilities, in particular the school’s library. He also made positive comments the day before at Bryant University, when the students from the CC at NAHS had performed there.


The Monday night performance opened with 19 students from the CC at North Attleboro High School singing “Happy Chinese New Year” and “Jingle Bells” in Mandarin Chinese. With ancient Chinese music playing softly in the background, the students also recited the most famous Chinese Tang dynasty poems from 1,000 years ago. They also wrote sentences in one of the world’s oldest languages, including the sentence “This year Massachusetts had a lot of snow” in Chinese characters on the white boards. Between the students’ performances, their Chinese teacher Lei Yang performed a famous piece of music called “Grand Mountains and Flowing Water” on the Chinese ancient instrument, the Guzheng, which is described as a Chinese piano that dates back about 2,000 years. The audience expressed their delightful surprise, and applauded and praised the students and their performance.

NAHS_2011_CNY_Mandarin Chinese

The CUG troupe gave a one hour professional performance that included a Dragon Boat Folk Solo, a Folk Music Ensemble, a “Steeds Galloping” Flute Solo, the “Rhythm of Calligraphy” Dance and Music Ensemble, and other selections. Their brilliant performances opened a window for the Western audience to catch a glimpse of 5,000 years of rich Chinese history and the splendid Chinese culture. When the performers had finished, the audience stood and gave a long and loud standing ovation.

 Exchange of Gifts_2011

After the celebration had ended, the performers had dinner in the North Attleboro High School Media Center where they exchanged gifts. They took pictures together to remember this wonderful day.  

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