U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

Confucius Classroom at:

Medway Middle School

Commitment: Medway Middle School is committed to developing an active and thriving Chinese language and cultural appreciation program. The school has a school facility that is large enough to have a dedicated Chinese language class. This classroom, which is a typical classroom space, provides a dedicated learning space for students studying within the Chinese language program. The school will complete installation of computer language lab in early April 2013, which uses technology to further support language acquisition of language learners. It can be used by the Chinese language teacher.


  1. Expand the current Mandarin language program by including grade 7 students
  2. Conduct extracurricular activities related to Chinese culture for middle school students, parents, and community members
  3. Provide additional teacher training to Mandarin Chinese teacher

Dr. Armand Pires gained interest in establishing a Chinese language program at Medway Middle School after taking part in an education trip that both he and the Superintendent of School, Dr. Judith Evans participated in November 2011. The trip was co-sponsored by Hanban and The College Board, and it provided them with an opportunity to learn more about the culture and language of China. After sharing this experience with numerous Principals and other K-12 Administrators from all across the United States, Medway Middle School was eager to partner with Bryant University's Confucius Institute to establish its own Confucius Classroom.

Medway Middle School celebrated its Confucius Classroom Dedication on the evening of Thursday, February 6, 2014 with a welcome by Dr. Judith Evans and opening remarks by Dr. Hong Yang. A graceful tea ceremony and a guzheng and pipa instrument performance followed a wonderful performance by Mandarin Chinese language students from Medway Middle School.