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Learning Chinese
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American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

  1. Chinese Cultural Center Equipments from Hanban
  2. Book donations from Hanban
  3. Chinese language and culture teaching expertise through visiting Hanban teachers and Bryant students and teaching materials
  4. Professional development opportunities through: “China Speaker Seminars”, the Teacher Association for China Studies in Southern New England, STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture program, and K-12 China Trip
  5. Chinese proficiency test services (Youth Chinese Test/YCT and HSK)
  6. Development of newsletters 2 times a year for all CCs with updates
  7. “Follow Me” Documentary for K-12 schools
  8. Chinese culture events, ie: Chinese New Year Celebration and Mid-autumn Festival Celebration at Bryant University
  9. Support for one representative at each Confucius Classroom to attend Chinese-related Conferences for professional development
  10. K-12 educators trip to China (if funded by Hanban)
  11. In-kind support from Confucius Institute at Bryant University
  12. Network of affiliated CCs within the Confucius Institute at Bryant University
  13. 2011 K-12 Administrator China Trip

Resources for Administrators

Looking for Chinese Language Teachers?
Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP)
Collegeboard Guest Teacher Program
Bryant University U.S.-China Institute Chinese Teacher Request Form

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