U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

STARTALK Chinese Language Teacher Program

From participants:

“Make the time to take this STARTALK program. You and your school and your students will benefit greatly!”

“Taking the Startalk program at Bryant University is one of the best decisions you could made. Chinese culture and language are introduced in a very comfortable environment in a non-threatening way. You will have everything you need to teach Chinese language and culture in your classes.”

“It is an excellent teacher-training program that combines training based on the latest theoretical language-teaching research with hands-on teaching experience and feedback, as well as an opportunity to share teaching strategies and experiences with colleagues.”


“Very well organized. Instructors and mentors are kept well-informed ample activities, several cultural activities and various lecturers.”

“Startalk is one of the highest quality developments that you will ever have access to in your career as a teacher. You will learn with a plethora of valuable ideas and strategies that you can immediately implement. Making connections with great speakers is fantastic and they can always be an additional resource.”

“This is a wonderful program. You can have choices to learn language teaching strategies and culture related facts. You will also experience making dumplings and other Chinese culture practices. You will see many experts in their fields to give you valuable lectures. It is more than what I said; you should see it by yourself.”

“This is a well organized and high quality program. No matter you are experienced or less experienced in teaching Chinese, you can learn a lot from this program. You will meet many teachers and make friends with them. You will have fun and an amazing summer.”


“I would describe it as an intensive immersion program that is best suited for someone who would like to become Chinese teachers.”


“This is an incredible, generous, mind-blowing program that is well worth your time!”

“The program was wonderful! I learned much from the speakers and activities. It is well-prepared on the Chinese language and culture!”