U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University




Dates: July 8th~19th (No weekend classes) 

Time: 9:00a.m. ~ 3:00p.m. 

Location: Bryant University 

Cost: $180 program fee


  • Customized curriculum based on National Standards of Foreign Language Education.
  • Language classes are conducted through carefully designed student-centered activities and group exercises. 
  • Small classes to accommodate students at various proficiency levels (No previous Chinese experience is required).
  • A variety of culturally enriched presentations and workshops with hands-on activities led by guest presenters. 
  • Field trip to: Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Kam Man Market in Quincy, MA. 
  • Classes are led by professional local language teachers with extensive experience in teaching Chinese to K-12 students. 
  • Optional Taiji practices led by a visiting Chinese scholar.


Previous Chinese experience is NOT required. Applicants need to complete the following materials:

Please email the essay, scanned Waiver Form, Media Release Form, and Transcript (or Report Card)  to bryantuschinainstitute@gmail.com. The check of $180 program fee (payable to "Bryant University") shall be mailed to the address below: 

Ms. Kun Xie 
Confucius Institute 
Bryant University 
1150 Douglas Pike 
Smithfield, RI 02917

Space is limited. Application Deadline is Friday, May 31. 

For any questions, or request further information, please contact
Ms. Kun Xie
Assistant Director for Confucius Institute
Phone: 401 232 6883
Email: kxie@bryant.edu


- "I understand the program is from July 8th to 19th with no weekend classes from 9:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Bryant University. Does that mean that this summer camp is for a total of 10 days?"

Yes, the program is for 10 days in total.

- "Regarding the essay on “Why I want to participate in the Chinese summer camp for youth”, is this essay to be written in English or Mandarin? How long is this essay expected such as one page, two pages, etc?"

To the essay writing language choice, it is totally up to the student to decide. It can be written in England, Mandarin, or combination. A student can use the language(s) that he/she feels most comfortable.  And  there is no specific requirement on the essay length either. 

- "For the field trip to Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Market in Quincy, MA., on which day is this planned? Are the parents expected to take their kids directly to the museum or are you planning to have a bus for the kids?"

The date has not been finalized yet, but very likely it will be on Wednesday July 17th. The program will rent a bus to take the students from Bryant campus to the Boston and Quincy in the morning, and return to Bryant in the afternoon. For students living nearby Boston, they can go to the Museum on their own and  meet us there in the morning.  

- "Have you done such camps before or is this the first time?"

Yes, we have been awarded from the federal government to organize the Chinese language and culture summer camp for middle and high school students, STARTALK, for 12 years since its inception in 2007. Funded by National Security Agency (NSA), STARTALK is a rigorous foreign language program with the aim to increasing the capacity of American K-16 teachers and students in teaching and learning critically important foreign languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, and Hindu. There are over 400 K-12 students have participated in our STARTALK programs in the past 12 years. There are the links to a YouTube video clip and a Google Site regarding our previous STARTALK programs.  

2017 STARTALK Program at Bryant University:

2018 STARTALK Program at Bryant University Google Site:

The Chinese Summer Camp for Youth of this year is designed with the same structure and content as our STARTALK program model.

- "We do not speak Mandarin at home and my daughter started learning Mandarin from 7th grade in school. Are there many non-mandarin background kids expected at this camp?"

This program does not require any previous Chinese learning experience, and majority of the students are not from Chinese heritage families.

- "I understand that the space is limited for this camp. How many students are expected to be enrolled for this camp?"

Our recruiting goal is 30-40 students. 

- "After applying for this camp by May 31, when will I know whether my daughter got selected for this camp?" 

We will review and make acceptance decision as we receive the completed applicant package. All students who are accepted by the program will be informed no later than June 11.


“I remember doing lots of fun things like doing kung fu in the morning, to playing ping pong in the afternoon. I loved meeting new people every day and still keep in touch with lots of them. Learning Chinese in class was fun too, we learned differently and played some games revolving around the language.”

“Over the course of the last two weeks at the program I had many great times. I enjoyed meeting new people from all over, as well as learning Mandarin... I had many good memories at Startalk, and there will stay with me.”

"I have learned not only the Chinese language but also the rich culture that makes up China... this is an exceptional program that has taught me the foundations of the Chinese language and I hope to come back next year and learn even more."