U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University

Teacher Association for China Studies in Southern New England

About The Association

The Teacher Association for China Studies in Southern New England is dedicated to enhancing teacher knowledge and skills on Chinese language, culture, history, and other disciplines of China studies at all educational levels in the region of Southern New England. The Association serves as a resource center to provide quality professional development programs, share teaching strategies and materials, and connect members with schools looking for teachers with Chinese language or culture expertise. The Association is housed at the U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institute at Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island.



There's no fee required to become a member of the Teacher Association for China Studies in Southern New England, but registration is required. The following individuals are encouraged to join:

  • Current or prospective Chinese language teachers from public, private, and heritage schools
  • Current or prospective K-12 teachers of social studies, history, arts, literature, science and other subject areas who are interested in incorporating China contents into their current or future curriculum
  • Principals, curriculum specialists, school administrators, librarians and other educational professionals who are interested in incorporating China contents into their school curriculum


  • Workshops and seminars throughout the year given by experienced teachers, renowned scholars and experts
  • Priority consideration of acceptance into the federal-funded three-week STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Teacher Summer Program
  • Free membership at the Confucius Institute Library at Bryant University with access to thousands of books and multi-media materials on Chinese language, history, culture, economy, politics, philosophy, and other disciplines of China studies
  • Discount registration for the New England Chinese Language Teacher Network Conference in partnership with UMASS Boston Confucius Institute
  • Scholarships for studies and training in China
  • Available grants for curriculum development, attending workshop and conferences, and promoting China study related activities
  • Periodical newsletters, teaching job notices, and networking with teachers who are interested in teaching China content


Membership is renewed annually. To maintain the free membership of the Teacher Association of China Studies in Southern New England, the following obligations should be fulfilled per year:

  • Attend at least THREE individual seminars, workshops, or events organized, sponsored, or recommended by the Association
  • Engage in at least ONE activity in promoting the teaching and learning of Chinese language, culture and history, such as teaching a lesson that has significant content on China, celebrating traditional Chinese festivals in school or community, showing students a film on China, organizing an after school club on Chinese arts, and other activities.

Members are not obliged, but encouraged to:

  • Participate in rigorous professional development programs to enhance knowledge of China and teaching skills
  • Raise the awareness of Chinese language and culture in schools and communities
  • Incorporate China contents into the existing curriculum
  • Create new curriculum to teach about China
  • Connect American and Chinese students and Teachers

How to Join

Download the Membership Application Form , complete it and send to:

Teacher Association for China Studies in Southern New England
U.S.-China Institute, Bryant University
1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917

If accepted, a membership certificate will be mailed to new members. For questions or more information, please contact Ms. Kun Xie at kxie@bryant.edu or Mr. Kongli Liu at kliu1@bryant.edu