SIE Study Trip to China

Since 2007, more than 440 Bryant students and 50 faculty and staff members have participated in SIE China.

Sophomore International Experience (SIE) China is 3-credit academic course that includes classes in the fall semester and a 2-week study trip to China during the winter break. Students should apply in the second semester of their freshman year. 

The study trip includes visiting Beijing, Zhuhai, Guilin, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The locations are carefully selected to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of multiple aspects of Chinese culture and business and U.S.-China cultural and economic relations. 

Highlights of past trips include: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Lenovo Headquarter in Beijing, Olympic Park, activities with Chinese students at Bryant Zhuhai, factory visit, outdoor activities in Yangshuo (hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, cave exploration), cooking Chinese food, Chinese fan painting, meeting alumni in Hong Kong, discussions with foreign business owners in China, river cruise, Buddhist temple experience, and self-planned exploration day in Shanghai.

Here's what some students had to say about the trip:

"This trip has truly changed me as a person. I can now see myself traveling constantly and possibly working and living in a different country. I have also gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the Chinese culture." - Alexander Scelzo

"The SIE trip to China was, without a doubt, my best Bryant experience.  It has inspired me to further my interest in international business and perhaps even take a few courses in Chinese language." - Hillary Cartwright

"This trip has been such an amazing experience for me on so many levels. Every day was so packed with fun activities. After every activity I kept thinking to myself that the next events can’t top the ones I just did, but they always do." - Sarah Perlman

"It is one experience that I will always remember. Studying China through seminars and books is nothing compared to actually being immersed in the culture." - Brett DuBreuil