Business Services

The U.S.-China Institute aims to leverage its cross-cultural expertise of both the United States and China to forge meaningful partnerships and develop crucial skills for both domestic and Chinese businesses. 

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By leveraging our Institute resources and Bryant’s faculty expertise through initiatives in trade missions, academic resources, networking events, and translation services, we aspire to create higher efficiency for businesses through improved integration.

Helping businesses build skills to navigate the fast-paced ever-changing global business environment, the U.S. – China Institute has the capacity to deepen stakeholder’s understanding of critical issues. With a goal of helping businesses to succeed, the U.S. – China Institute works toward creating mutually beneficial circumstances that help businesses grow.

As Bryant consistently ranks among the top universities in the United States for International Business, the U.S. – China Institute finds itself in the unique position of having direct access to leading faculty in fields like finance, marketing and supply chain management and at the same time, employing staff with the cultural knowledge and language skills to connect the world’s leading economies.

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Business Training Programs

As globalization increases the demand for a well-educated and culturally diverse workforce, opportunities for international internships and academic summits are growing in value. We provide resources and networking for Chinese or U.S. students and working professionals to study on an international scale.

Business Training Programs

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Through applying translation services to websites, brochures, or other related media, we provide clients an authentic culturally informed translation to achieve the highest possible level of localization.

Trade Mission

Through identifying potential opportunities in the U.S.-China trade environment, we selectively arrange custom tailored trade missions to China for local businesses to improve their cultural understanding and expand their professional network.

Trade Mission

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