Zhuhai Exchange Programs

Serving as the liaison between Bryant Smithfield and Bryant Zhuhai, the U.S.-China Institute implements multiple exchange programs between the two campuses.

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1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917

Zhuhai Student Transfers to Smithfield: As students at Bryant Zhuhai can choose to study either all 4 years in Zhuhai or 2 years in Zhuhai and 2 years in Smithfield, the U.S.-China Institute facilitates the process of Zhuhai student transfers, with a focus on recruiting and providing support to ensure smooth transition. Since 2016, more than 80 students have transferred from Zhuhai to Smithfield, contributing to the comprehensive internationalization of Bryant Smithfield campus.

Zhuhai Student Transition to Graduate Programs: The U.S.-China Institute plays a key role in recruiting Bryant Zhuhai students for graduate programs in Smithfield campus. In 2019-2020, 19 graduates from Bryant Zhuhai were admitted and enrolled in Bryant’s MPAc and MBA programs. 

Short-term and Semester Abroad in Zhuhai: The Institute provides opportunities for Bryant Smithfield students to visit Bryant Zhuhai or have a semester-long study abroad experience. Since 2015, more than 120 Smithfield students have visited Zhuhai. Among them, 25 studied a semester there, which also included internship and host family experiences.

Zhuhai SIE USA Program in Smithfield: This summer program provides a 2-week experience for Bryant Zhuhai students to live on Smithfield campus to experience all aspects of American college life and have an in-depth learning of American culture and business. The program also includes company visits in Boston and culture trips to Providence, Newport, New York City and Washington DC. Since 2016, more than 240 Zhuhai students have visited Smithfield campus through this program.

Smithfield Summer School for Zhuhai Students: In collaboration with Academic Affairs, the U.S.-China Institute recruits Zhuhai students to enroll in a 6-week summer course in Smithfield. Since 2016, 31 Zhuhai students have participated in this program.

Faculty and Staff Visits to Bryant Zhuhai: The Institute provides assistance to Bryant Smithfield faculty and staff members who wish to visit Bryant Zhuhai to have academic exchanges.