Community Outreach

Confucius Institute Library: The Confucius Institute Library at Bryant houses thousands of volumes of books (including audio/video materials) about Chinese history and culture, politics and economy, and ancient and contemporary literature, as well as textbooks and reference books in Chinese and English.

The Library is open to the public, and serves as a resource for the Bryant community, K-12 educators and students, parents, and professionals. Materials in English have been entered into the Helin Library Catalog and can be searched online. All materials (Chinese, English, and bilingual) can be checked out.

Dragon Dance Team: Bryant University’s Dragon Dance Team is a student performing arts group for the traditional Chinese performance art: dragon dance.

The team was founded in September 2009.

The Dragon Dance Team has publicly performed numerous times since our inception and has also become an official Bryant student organization. Bryant's Dragon Dance Team has three dragons that are used for performances.

Two of the dragons are 54 feet long with nine bamboo poles for each position of the dragon from head to tail. The third dragon is the smaller dragon, with only five bamboo poles for each position. For each dragon, there is also one separate pole for the dragon ball which leads the dragon throughout the dance.

Dragon dance is typically performed during the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

Dragon dancing mimics the fluid movements of the mythical Chinese dragon through careful and quick synchronization of the dragon’s body through various actions and positions. These movements symbolize the power and dignity of the dragon.