Chinese Test Services

Bryant University is the test center authorized by China’s Ministry of Education to administer the computer-based Chinese proficiency tests, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), and Youth Chinese Test (YCT).

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK): HSK is designed to take non-native speakers as its object with the goal of examining students’ capability in applying Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work. HSK test is consisted of two independent parts; a Written Test and an Oral Test. The written test is comprised of six levels, from HSK-Level 1 through HSK Level 6, while the oral test is comprised of HSK-Elementary), HSK-Intermediate and HSK-Advanced. 

Youth Chinese Test (YCT): YCT is an internationally standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. The YCT consists of a Writing Test and a Speaking Test, which are independent of each other. The Written Test is divided into four levels, from YCT-Level I through YCT Level IV. The Speaking Test is divided into the YCT-Beginner and YCT-Intermediate.

Bryant University Test Center will organize home-based HSK Test (Level 1- 6) and YCT (1-4) on Saturday, December 12*. Before registering, please make sure the following technical requirements are met:

Two devices are needed, one used for testing (PC/Laptop), and the other for distance monitoring (Laptop/Cellphone/Tablet). For ​computer used for testing, it must have the following:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 operating system.
  • Browser: Google Chrome version 66.0 and above. 
  • Internet: Internet speed 200KB/s and above.
  • Camera: have a built-in HD camera of more than 300,000. Pixels and well-lit without any obstruction.
  • Headphone: Clear with good sound insulation.

Registration at, or fill out the Registration Form and send it to The test tee can be paid HERE. The registration deadline is Wednesday, 11/25.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Kun Xie at 

* All scheduled HSK/YCT tests on 10/11,10/17, 11/15, 11/21 and 12/6 on Bryant campus have to be cancelled due to Bryant University's COVID 19 guidance.