Chinese Test Services

Bryant University is authorized by China’s Ministry of Education to administer the computer-based Chinese proficiency tests, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), and Youth Chinese Test (YCT).

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)

HSK is designed to take non-native speakers as its object with the goal of examining students’ capability in applying Chinese language in their studies, personal life and work. HSK test is consisted of two independent parts; a Written Test and an Oral Test. The written test is comprised of six levels, from HSK-Level 1 through HSK Level 6, while the oral test is comprised of HSK-Elementary), HSK-Intermediate and HSK-Advanced. 

Youth Chinese Test (YCT)

YCT is an internationally standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. The YCT consists of a Writing Test and a Speaking Test, which are independent of each other. The Written Test is divided into four levels, from YCT-Level I through YCT Level IV. The Speaking Test is divided into the YCT-Beginner and YCT-Intermediate.

Bryant University Test Center will administer home-based online HSK ( Level 1- 6) and YCT (Level 1-4) tests for people who are currently in the US at the date listed below:

  • Saturday, December 11th. Registration Deadline: November 27th

This home-based online testing does not require registered students to come to the Test Center for testing. But the following equipment requirement must be met: 

Students need to prepare two devices,  one PC or laptop for taking the test (with a testing app CLIENT provided by the Test Center), one smartphone or tablet to join a Zoom meeting for distance monitoring during the test.

  • For the PC or laptop used for taking the test, it must equip with the following: 

- Operating system: Windows 7/10 operating system. NO Mac for the online HSK/YCT testing. 
Browser: Google Chrome version 66.0 and above. 
Internet: Bandwidth of 20M and Internet speed of 150KB/s and above.
Camera: have a built-in HD camera of more than 300,000. Pixels and well-lit without any obstruction. 
Headphone: Clear with good sound insulation

  • For the smartphone or tablet for the distance monitory, a Zoom app must be installed on the device. 

After confirming the above-mentioned technical requirements are met, please go to to create a test taker account, and follow the instruction to complete the registration.

When fill out the registration form, please pay attention to the following:

  • Provide an active email address which is frequently checked

  • Provide a full address, including the information of city and state.

  • The photo uploaded must be ID-typed with a pure color background

  • Email a photo of your ID (passport or Driver's License) used for registration information page to 

  • As Cross-border registration is not allowed, for students of foreign nationalities, please also email a photo of the following documents, to approve you are currently in the U.S. to take the test: 
    -  Latest U.S. visa page
    -  Latest U.S. entry stamp
    -  A record of your latest I-94 entry record

Then, go to test fee payment site to pay the test fee, to complete the registration. Please make one payment for one student.  

HSK/YCT Fee Chart

For students who have successfully completed the registration, here is the information to expect from the Test Center*:

  • About two weeks prior to the test

- The admission ticket will be sent to students.
- A testing guidance with the instruction on how to download and install the testing app, CLIENT, will be sent to students. CLIENT is the app for taking the formal test and the MOCK test. 
- An online testing training session will be held for all students

  • One week prior to the test

- The CLIENT login passcode will be sent out
- Online MOCK test is available at CLIENT

  • One day prior to the test

- A Zoom link for students to join in for distance monitory with the smartphone or tablet on testing day, will be sent out. 

*Advance notice will be given if there is any changes. 

HSK/YCT test starting time and duration

HSK/YCT test time

For any questions, please contact Ms. Kun Xie, Assistant Director for Cultural Programs, at