Trade Mission

Through identifying potential opportunities in the U.S.-China trade environment, we selectively arrange custom tailored trade missions to China for local businesses to improve their cultural understanding and expand their professional network.

The U.S.-China Institute has an extensive network in China and the U.S., enabling local businesses a gateway to substantial market potential. Our mission is to forge strong relationships, both academically and professionally, between the U.S. and China, resulting in an effective network for businesses to get a foothold in a new market.

Our trade mission initiatives are designed to provide clients with both the network and cultural understanding necessary for success in a new region. Our tours equip businesses with the information and contacts necessary to design and execute a business model specifically for Chinese markets. We believe that this network is particularly powerful when combined with the intrinsic value of key employees gaining cultural immersion and hands on international experience.

Due to the organizational constraints of such a large undertaking we cannot incorporate every business with a vested interest in Chinese markets. Any interested party should contact John Forrest with a brief introduction to the company and the goals for a trip to China.