The U.S.–China Institute provides a bridge between Chinese culture and the larger world of multiculturalism by providing diverse programs for students, staff, faculty and the community.

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The U.S.-China Institute organizes cultural events and activities to celebrate major Asian holidays, such as Lunar New Year, and Mid-Autumn Festival, engaging Bryant students, faculty, staff, and community members.   

Books on subjects such as Chinese language, history, and culture, as well as cultural exhibit collections on Chinese art and history, including Dunhuang, Sanxingdui, porcelain, and bamboo scripts are available as resources for educational programs and events at K-12 schools and in the community.

Bryant University’s Dragon Dance Team is a student performing arts group for the traditional Chinese performance art: dragon dance. The Chinese Folk Music Group is a Bryant student group that promotes cultural diversity through music performances on campus and in the community.

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Asian Holiday Celebrations

The U.S.-China Institute holds a variety of cultural programs to introduce and increase the awareness of Chinese tradition.

Asian Holiday Celebrations

Chinese New Year celebration

Chinese Test Services

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Chinese Test Services

Bryant University is authorized to administer the computer-based Chinese proficiency tests, Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), and Youth Chinese Test (YCT).

Community Outreach & K-12 Programs

The Confucius Institute Library houses thousands of volumes of books about various subjects including Chinese history and culture serves as a valuable resource for the Bryant community. Also the Dragon Dance Team, a student performing arts group, has publicly performed numerous times.

We also offer a variety of Chinese language and culture programs and events to students, teachers, and the local community.

Community Outreach & K-12 Programs

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